The applications of radiation technology in the energy industry

Already ubiquitous in other industries, radiation-based technology has been seeing a sharp increase in use throughout the energy industry, finding applications across all stages of production, from exploration to laboratory analysis. The technology continues to march forward as recent developments make radiation tools like gamma ray prospectors safer, more efficient, and more effective.

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Gamma ray testing is commonly used in oil and gas exploration to determine the potential of boreholes. Rock formations emit gamma rays in nature; gamma ray signatures can help determine the porosity and fluid content in rocks, which in turn can be used to measure whether there is an economically significant deposit of oil or gas available in the rock formation.

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Current tools used in gamma ray testing are lowered along the drill bit as a borehole is made to save time and resources. Analytical vehicles are usually also present during the dig site to analyze the data in real time. Gamma ray testing is used in adjunct with other geological measurement tools as part of a comprehensive geologic survey of a potential oil deposit.

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Prospecting isn’t the only part of the industry where radiation technology is utilized. The business also uses radiation technology across all aspects of production, including measuring the rates of extraction to help improve well performance, finding leaks, and searching for weaknesses and flaws throughout the facility.

Gamma ray testing is a key component in the exploration operations of Primera Energy, LLC. For more on the company, its operations, and its president, Brian Alfaro, visit this website.


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